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eved. The development speed o▓f China's science and technology in the previous 100 years was regarded as unprecedented. By early 21st ▓century, China has remarkably narrowed the gap in general between its development level of high technology and th▓e world's advanced level. Over 60 percent of China's technologies have approached the international advance▓d level, and 25 percent have greatly progressed, though still lagging behind the international advanced level.Mos▓t of the changes took place in the latter half of the last ▓century. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was


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es▓tablished in November 1949, and in the 1960s, the ▓number of the nation's scientific research instituti▓ons increased to over 1,600, covering a wide range of m▓ajor disciplinary and technological fields and employing some 200,000 professionals. After experiencing the 10-year turmoil of the "cultural revolution," China's political, economic, cultural, and scientific and technologi▓cal developments entered a recovery period. The government re-formulated the outline of the national science and technology development plan. The number of important scient▓ific and tech


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nological achievements in 1979 alone exceeded the total number of the previous 10 years. Since then, ▓China's scientific and technological development had entered a new period attracting worldwide attention. By the en▓d of 2001, there were a total of 28.87 million professional technical personnel working in state-owned enterp▓rises and institutions in China, of whom 930,000 were engaged in research and development activities,▓ including 700,000 scientists and engineers.Science and technology will continue to serve the needs of society▓ and aid China's economi


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c development, Wan Gang, m▓inister of science and technology, said yesterday."Ap▓plying science and technology to social affairs is not just a concept, but a practical issue," Wan said."Th▓at means we must always consider real needs. For example,▓ in developing the countryside, we have to satisfy the nee▓ds of farmers."The Ministry of Science and Technology will continue to cooperate with other ministries to tackle issues that hinder the development of the nation's econom▓y, he said.He referred to the ministry's work with the Mi▓nistry of Railways in the develo


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pment of high-speed railways."The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will be a wor▓ld leader in terms of its speed and length, and we will b▓uild many more like it in the future," he said.The minis▓try will also continue its work on increasing harvests, i▓mproving road safety, developing new medicines and respon▓ding to climate change, he said."Climate change is not ▓just about global warming, but has both advantages and▓ disadvantages," Wan said."For example, climate changes have made the Yellow Plateau less dry. We should make use of this to plant more trees


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there. At the same time, we should also study people's adaptability to the changes."Wan said a key factor in the development of China's science and technology sector is the creation of an environment that encourages innovation."The most important things are to nurture innovators and attract people w▓ho have studied overseas to return to China," he said."I have a vision in which China has the sort of environment that attracts the best scientists in the world to come a▓nd do their research here."Wan is attending the 11th CPPCC N▓ational Committee as a member


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of the China Zhi Gong Dang political party. In April last year he became the first non-CPC-member for 50 years to be elected to a ministerial post."In the Ministry of Science and Technology, the CPC Party committee is responsible for strategic development, while the ministry affairs committee is responsible for administrative work. The cooperation has been very smooth," ▓Wan said."The media are often concerned about me as a non-CPC-member minister, but actually in many ministries, Party leaders and administrative leaders are separated.▓ Such a system guar


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antees our decisions are scient▓ific, democratic and collective."Wan was elected chairman of▓ the China Zhi Gong Dang in December. Among the party's proposals at the CPPCC, several are concerned with t▓he work of the Ministry of Science and Technology."Th▓e ministry will treat proposals from China Zhi Gong Dang in ▓exactly the same way as those from any other group," Wan▓ said.The nation's brightest minds have been given top h▓onors at China's National Science and Technology Conference. Chinese President Hu Jintao handed out the awar▓d certificates two hours ago


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at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.84-year-old mathematician Gu Chaohao and 81-year-old space expert Sun Jiadong walked away with the most prestigious science and technology prize. They also received a cash prize of 5 million yuan, or 730-thousand US dollars each.Full text of Chinese premie▓r´s speech at University of CambridgeLUSAKA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- A top Zambian government official warns the southern African country risks lagging behind in technology advancement if there is no investment in space science, the Zambia Daily Mail reporte


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d on Wednesday.Gabrie▓l Namulambe, the minister of science, technology and cocational training, said there was need to promote and exploit▓ science and technology as an instrument for development▓, adding that an environmentally friendly and indigen▓ous technological capacity was a catalyst for socio-▓economic development.Speaking in Zambia's tourist capita▓l, Livingstone in Southern Province, at the start of an International Heliophysical Year Africa Scintillation Network Decision Aid meeting, the Zambian minister s▓aid Africa was falling behind in space scien

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